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I believe every serious hobby one day can become a favorite profession. If one day it happens so, you become the luckiest guy in the world, as you get the most interesting and desired job you ever could dream about.

Whenever I'm asked what photography means to me I don't know exactly what to say. To me, it's more than just a hobby, more than just a job. I suppose, it's a certain lifestyle, a special way of thinking and a special way of being myself.

Every captured moment is unique. As is every glance, or facial expression, every slight movement or ray of light. Every emotion is unique. A photograph makes sense only when it reflects this individuality, this uniqueness of life's every moment. No matter the subject, be it a portrait, a landscape or a close-up of a flower, I have the ability to bring out the emotion within. And this is essential.

A photographer is the one who brings out emotions of different experiences. He who not only reflects his own vision of the world but also shares this vision with others, making them see it, feel it, and be in that moment.

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